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Tough Women

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It's time we celebrate women in adventure!

What does "toughness" mean to you? Perhaps it’s being physically fit and
mentally resilient. Perhaps it’s doing something no one else has done
before. Perhaps it’s breaking down boundaries and proving what you can
do, in spite of the naysayers. Perhaps it’s travelling alone, immersing
yourself in new cultures and meeting new people. Perhaps it’s running
ultramarathons in the blistering heat and beating the competition. Perhaps
it’s conquering your fears.

The badass adventurers in this collection are all fearless, intelligent,
compassionate and curious about the world – and they all happen to be
female. From endurance obstacle races to arctic expeditions, from mountain
climbing to wingsuit flying, from horse trekking to swimming the English
Channel, they have set the bar high for what women are capable of. Let
yourself be inspired by their stories of grit, courage, determination, triumph
and heartbreak – you never know, it might lead to something incredible!