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The Girl That Loves to Run

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Nikki had a great big adventurous dream to run 63 marathons in 63 days throughout the UK. Could it be done? Some thought not, but she believed she could.  With her super-crack-crew of helpers – Rufus the super-dog, Sharif the coffee-fairy, and old Stan the Van – Nikki set off on her extraordinary running adventure to see how far she could run.

A real-life fun adventure story about self-belief and finding personal strengths – your true super-powers!


Nikki has been sharing her running adventure stories to thousands of primary school children in the UK over the past 4 years.  At one of these talks in 2021 she was asked “Do you have a children’s book about these adventures?”.  “No”, she answered.  “Well I think you should!” was their reply!

And so, while being locked-down in 2021, she set to work to write one!  

It wasn’t easy writing a rhyming version of my story but she has had the approval of some helpful primary school children and teachers in Nottingham, and she then passed the story on to her running friend and super talented illustrator Christopher Allen.  Chris has brought her words to cartoon-life, and now it’s ready for you all!

Nikki's goal is to give a copy to all the schools that I have visited, as well as those that would like me to visit them in the future. I’ll be funding these free books from the profits of the book sales.