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Chasing Extraordinary - A ‘How To’ Guide for Newbie Marathon Runners

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By Nicola Love

Aspiring to achieve the ultimate running distance?

26.219 miles or 42.195 kilometres or more simply ...a MARATHON!

It’ll take up at least 6 months of your life and only 1% of the world’s population will ever run that distance… but a little birdy told me that you fancy being in that 1%.

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could keep your:

  • motivation levels sky high
  • energy levels supercharged
  • body strong and injury free
  • family and social life on the go

You bet! So, let’s get you strapped into your trainers and taking the steps to get your marathon on! Wherever your starting point – couch to 5km, 10km to half-marathon, half-marathon to the motherload marathon - this ‘how to guide for newbie marathon runners’ gives you:

  • a running training plan
  • a body strength, balance and conditioning plan to help keep the injuries away
  • an eating and recovery plan to get you into great shape, keep you energised and keep you raring to train

Packed with little hints, tips, the gear you need, and marathon-related stories in between all the techy stuff to inspire and show you that running really is an adventure full of love, fun and exciting moments - perfect for an excited newbie.

Accompanied by host of downloadable resources, the only thing this book doesn’t do is take the steps for you (bah!), but with an accompanying online Facebook support group, Nikki will be there taking the steps with you.